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21 Days to Instinctive Cognition


Our 21-day program will teach you to calm and focus your conscious mind, to reduce the stress response and to overcome blind spots that limit your optimal performance at work and in life.

How it works:

You purchase the audio course online.

But be sure to fill out the physical address portion so we can mail you the supplies you’ll need for the course!

We mail you a simple salivary test kit with instructions and a prepaid return label back to our lab.

You spit into a tube once at the beginning of the program, and once at completion. We send you the results to demonstrate the change in your cortisol levels.

You’ll also receive our custom made Instinctive Cognition journal to help you track your progress. Be sure to use this daily as it is an important component of the course.

The laboratory testing and analysis for cortisol levels as well as the custom printed journal are included in the course pricing. There are no extra or hidden costs.

This course is committed to lowering your cortisol levels, allowing you to become more conscious, less fearful and more proactive and in control of your own decisions and behaviors.

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